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Social bookmarking for geeks

with storage to collect and organize all your favorites

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Fast & easy way to save work resources

The best way to save useful resources like GitHub repositories, code libraries, fonts, Dribbble shots or Stackoverflow questions. Organize your favorites and find the things you need with full-text search much faster while saving your time and money.
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Here's how it works

1. Start to connect services

Just enable featured third-party services that you are interested in and want to track and start bookmarking it.

2. Use “favorite” buttons

Continue to use native "star", "favorite" or whatever while appreciating useful content inside services you're commited to.

3. We collect everything

On the background our tiny robot collects every piece of your activity and saves starred content to your dashboard.

4. Discover content

All useful resources are now available on your dashboard. Organize favorites, create collections, share or invite friends and co-workers to participate.

And that coolness is all for free?!

Absolutely! Unlimited amount of services to connect and more than 2 GB of space for your social content and collections.

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